Hi, I’m Yury. Nice to meet you!

I’m a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Developer, Statistician, and person living in Canada/Austria. This webpage exhibits things I’m currently working on and thoughts I feel are worth sharing!

A Little About Me:

There are many things that I enjoy doing, but working at startups, some handicraft, dancing, and various tech projects would probably go at the top of that list.


I was born in Minsk, Belarus, grew up in Mississauga, Canada, and this May 2020 I’m moving to Vienna, Austria! Although living in Canada is a pleasure and a privilege, the European culture is closer to my heart. It helps that I’ve been learning German for a while now!


I’m just about finishing up (graduating May 2020) my BSc in Statistics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. My program has a thematic concentration in Computer Science, with some neat courses specific to AI and ML.


Last summer I interned at Kantify, a belgian AI startup, as a Machine Learning Engineer, working on a few projects such as Fyn. It was an amazing experience – I’m grateful for both the mentorship I received and the cool projects I contributed to. For my other work experience, please see my LinkedIn.


My dominant language is English, but I’m also fluent in Russian with a mild Canadian accent. With B2 German I can hold a decent conversation! (My Austrian girlfriend taught me a bit of the Montafon dialect as well).


Ants (Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning) This is my first foray into reinforcement learning! I designed a custom training and testing environment using Pygame and OpenAI Gym, and then used the Q-Learning algorithm for policy learning.

Link to code on GitHub

MARLAnts gif
LifeSim (Evolution Simulation in Lua) This is a fun little visualization tool I wrote in Lua for setting up a population of simulated lifeforms, controlling their environment and behaviour, then seeing how they evolve over time to survive!

Link to code on GitHub

LifeSim gif
Gold (Attempt at Gold Price Prediction with LSTM) I spent a crazy amount of time on this, many months. Unfortunately at the time I wrote "quick and dirty" code with frequent changes, so it isn't very well documented or presentable. Despite that, I learned a tremendous amount about commodity trading, scraping and processing data, building neural nets in Keras, and optimizing with numpy to make the code run hundreds of times faster!

Link to code on GitHub

Gold image
Stranger Lights (Automatic Light Switch) Here I combined my Arduino hardware skills with an Android app geo-location experiment to create a geo-fence-activated lightswitch. I.e. when I walk outside the house, my phone tracks the location and turns off the lights, and vice-versa!

Link to code on GitHub

Stranger Lights image
Dabbling with NLP (Insights in Personal Conversations) I downloaded all my Facebook data, and used that to visualize the "positivity" of my personal chat conversations over the years!

Link to code on GitHub

Messenger NLP image
yury.cc (This Website!) Built with the help of Github Pages, Jekyll, and a customized version of Hydeout. Not only will it host my personal page, check back later for some analysis on visitor trends! I will make some cool graphs from Google Analytics.


A while ago, I got interested in the process of cheesemaking, and decided to make my own! Here’s a photo of a nice batch of Ricotta I made. With the remaining whey I also make Brunost– an acquired taste but I quite enjoy it!


Rock-and-Roll dancing is another one of my hobbies, and although I’m still an amateur, it’s a lot of fun!